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Compound Interest

Updated: May 5, 2022

Probably the most powerful, and sometimes misunderstood, concept in finance

Compounding is an extremely powerful force in finance, and it works to investors’ advantage. Even though the concept might be widely understood, seeing the magnitude of it is sometimes eye-opening. It is why young adults and new employees are strongly encouraged to start saving as soon as possible, even if it is only a little. That initial amount will expand over time like a snowball rolling down a hill.

The infographic below explains how the time component can be a larger influence on future wealth than the amount invested.

To provide more context, we created two simple tables showing various future values based on different annual returns and time periods. The first table is based on saving $500 per month and compounded monthly. The second is saving $6,000 a year, deposited at the end of the year. These are equal amounts of annual savings, just different timing. These amounts were chosen because $6,000 is the current annual limit for contributing to an IRA.

Table 1. $500 per month

Future values of saving $500 per month for various time periods and rates of return

Table 2. $6,000 per year

Source: Jackson Creek Investment Advisors. Illustrative only. See full disclosure at bottom of main blog page.

The second table’s future values are slightly lower for each corresponding period and rate of return. Using the middle row and column (40 years at 6%) as an example, the one-time annual investment of $6,000 is $67,174 less than monthly $500 contributions with a similar 6% return for 40 years ($928,572 vs. $995,745).

Even if savings rates are not always as neat and consistent as we hope, contributing anything will help. The point is – the sooner the better.

2022-04-28 Compound Interest
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