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Green Jackets & Greenbacks

The 2022 Masters Golf Tournament begins today at storied Augusta National

bridge at Augusta National

The tournament brings with it many traditions and legacies, including generous payouts for those that make the cut. Even those that miss the cut receive $10,000. Not a staggering amount, but pretty nice for a weekend of golf.

Just like everyone else, professionals must pay taxes and their incomes surely put them in a group with unique needs that would benefit from working with a financial advisor.

Even if you are not a professional athlete, or have seven figure paydays, making it a tradition to visit with your financial advisor is a good strategy. A good advisor should already be making this a priority.

Having a financial plan can help put you on the right path to successfully navigate the sand traps and other obstacles that often get in the way. It may even provide the freedom to be able to play some more rounds of golf.

Our partners at eMoney have an article about some of the traditions at the Masters. Enjoy.

2022-04-07 Tradition At The Masters Tournament
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