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Jackson Creek Investment Advisors LLC was established in July 2020 and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.


​Jackson Creek is a young entity although its employees have a history of providing valuable investment advice to clients. The team has been working together - and on the current strategies - for over five years, with most employees having over ten years together. Our process and track record date back to 1996 when our first institutional strategy was launched.


At Jackson Creek, we strive to provide knowledgeable, understandable, and useful advice to clients. We are able to accomplish this by acting as a fiduciary. This means we always have your best interest in mind.  We invite you to have a conversation and get to know us.



Financial Planning & Wealth Management

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"Frustrations and rewards exist at all levels on the path."

J. Cameron

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Our insights are rooted in experience and research on market behavior and decision-analysis. We understand the biases and mental hurdles that influence our thoughts and emotions regarding financial decisions. This expertise translates into understandable and actionable advice. We use this knowledge to cut through the noise, fads, and hot investment themes to uncover the true drivers of performance and keep clients on track to achieve their financial goals.

We invite you to have a conversation and discover if our approach is right for you. 

What you can expect from us

We strive to create the most complete and individualized plan for each client through a truly collaborative relationship. We gain a thorough understanding of your current situation and background. Our advice is honest, unbiased, and based on research and data. The wealth management plan we create is geared to maximize the probability of reaching your goals.

Visibility into our thinking and explanations of the decisions we come to.

We always put your interests first. We act in a fiduciary manner. We do not sell commission-based products. Our incentives are aligned with yours. 

Approachable and accessible advisors.

Below is a broad overview of our approach. Contact us to find our more, or

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What we do

  • Craft a financial plan tailored for each client.

  • Evaluate your entire financial situation - even assets not managed by us.

  • Provide analytical assistance for all financial decisions - current and future.

  • Plan for unexpected events - both in life and the market.

  • Act as a trusted guide throughout your journey

How we do it

  • We base our decisions on institutional-quality research

  • Utilize powerful planning tools that quantify and simplify outcomes

  • Gain a deep understanding of each clients' needs and situations

  • Set clear and realistic objectives

  • Crate detailed yet understandable reports

Why we do it

  • Research and data analysis are part of our DNA

  • Enjoy communication and explaining our insights in a useful way

  • General curiosity about markets, people, and behavior

  • We have a passion to perform for every client

  • What fees do you charge? What can I expect to pay if I hire Jackson Creek?
    Our fees are clearly stated and made known upfront. We charge a percentage of the assets we manage for you. It is based on a downward sliding scale. This means the percentage appliead to calculate the fee will decrease as the level of assets increases. The initial fee for assets under our mangement up to $1 million does not exceed 1% per year. The fees are assessed quarterly and based on the asset level at the end of the quarter.
  • Are there any other "hidden" charges or commissions?"
    There are no other fees we charge other than what is explained above. There are other fees associated with the funds you own as well as trading commissions in certain circumstances. Fund fees are paid to the fund sponsor and trading commissions, if applicable, are charged by the broker that executes the trade. We are mindful of client assets and choose ETFs (exchange-traded funds) with low fees relative to the average for the asset category. We monitor the ETF universe to make sure fees are appropriate for the desired asset class exposure and fund methodology. For transactions involving individual securities (as opposed to buying a fund), a broker handles the trade and will charge a commission. All the analysis, reporting, advise, planning, and collaboration with other professionals regular communication are all included in our advisory fee. We do not have a "menu" of offerings.
  • What is the minimum asset level I need to have in order for Jackson Creek to work with me?
    We do not have a hard threshhold. While our fee structure is geared towards clients with assets in the millions, we have several clients with less than that. Ultimately, whether we work with a client (and they desire to work with us) is determined by each party and the specifics of the situation. If both parties feel it will be beneficial, the asset level should not be a determing factor. We are open to having a conversation if you are curious to know more. Individuals just beginning to accumulate savings and investable assets would benefit from an initial consultation. Building wealth is a long-term process and financial advisory services are not just for those that already have a high asset base.
  • Do I still need an accountant, estate professional...?
    We are another member of you professional advisory team. We often collaborate with accountants, attorneys, and other advisors for clients that have more complex needs. We are not accountants nor lawyers, but can work in tandem with them. Our financial planning and investment mangement carefully considers clients' tax situations. A certified tax professional should prepare tax returns. We have also helped clients with charitable giving and estate planning, but an attorney should draft and review all legal documents.
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