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Top Posts of the Year

Some of the posts that resonated most with our readers

We’d like to share some of the top blog posts from Jackson Creek this year. Thank you to all of our followers. We are not marketing gurus so any traction we gain is very much appreciated. We plan to keep finding ways to engage with clients, prospects, and the financial public.

As mentioned, marketing is not our forte, but it was fun and educational to expand our skills and learn some things about SEO, blogging, social media, and web design. We are far from experts in these areas but, similar to our hands-on approach to investing and planning, we like to know how things work instead of just handing off to someone else. One day we might hire professionals (outsourced or in-house) to handle these tasks, but for now, we’ll continue chugging along at our own pace. We hope you stay with us and please share, repost, like, comment, when something strikes a chord. Enjoy.

#1 It’s Never the Right Time to Time the Market (Sep 22nd) – A Run-D.M.C inspired title, this post explains how tricky it is to time the market.

#2 Compound Interest (April 28th) – A simple, yet powerful force.

#3 Mike vs. Monte (Feb 10th) – A great opportunity to use the classic Mike Tyson quote.

#4 Market Narratives According to Twittersphere (Sep 30th) – This was created when there was nothing else planned. (Growing pains of creating a consistent blog schedule). Since it cracked the top 5, I may have to incorporate it more often.

#5 Historical Value – part 2 (Jul 21st) – A second look at our Value factor. We used recent factor volatility to look at how it compares to history.

#6 Historical Value (Jun 30th) – Part 1 to the above post.

#7 September Suffering (Sep 8th) – The second installment of our look into the “September Effect”.

#8 Falling Shoes (Oct 6th) – A glass-half-full outlook for corporate earnings.

#9 Successful Succession Planning (Mar 3rd) – Planning for small business owners

#10 May Madness – 2022 Edition (May 13th) – My second annual college lacrosse playoff breakdown, which means biased, uninformed predictions. Although, I did get the winner correct. I should not congratulate myself too much, though. Maryland was one of the most (probably the most) dominant teams ever.

We are very grateful that you read our content. Thank you again for following Jackson Creek. We hope to expand our outreach in 2023.

Happy Holidays.



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