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Market Narratives According to Twittersphere

Trying to put my social media "research" to productive use, here are some recent memes, tweets, random comments, and general wit about markets and the economy

Which company is more valuable? An old stodgy oil company founded in 1870, or an 18-year old high-tech, media, and virtual reality platform?

Sneaker sale?

Well, I guess mortgage rates aren't that bad, if you're looking to refi your loan from 1980

Glad I'm not a bond trader

"Yes, Alex, I'll take ballooning mortgage rates and 36% less home value for $2,500 please"

There's no denying it, Thursday was not a good day for the market

Pretty easy decision...

Thankfully September is over and we can (fingers crossed) hope for a better end to the year...

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I hope it is obvious, but please do not take any of this as investment advice. All tweet content attributable to its account owner. If you desire a real disclaimer, read this.



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