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Ode To Charlie

"I think a life properly lived is just learn, learn, learn all the time" - Charlie Munger

I never met Charlie Munger but his life has greatly influenced mine. His wisdom and knowledge permeates throughout, not just the investment community, but all areas of life. Many of the people I follow and learn from constantly source Munger’s writings and speeches.

The online response to the news of his passing has been very positive and reverent. I have seen many investment professionals comment on how Munger helped shape their thinking. Many posted their favorite quotes or talks. The amazing thing, though, is that there was very little overlap in which quotes or teachings people expressed as their favorite. Because there was so much great insight to choose from.

Even quants like us can appreciate his ideas. One of the quotes on our website is from Munger - "Take a simple idea and take it seriously."

Charlie was such an intelligent person and every time he spoke it was prophetic, yet charismatic and blunt. There are endless nuggets of wisdom one could glean from listening to him speak or reading what he wrote.

To me, the underlying genius in his investment success does not stem from accounting knowledge nor the ability to read a financial statement. It is the ability to understand himself and generally trying to avoid doing stupid things. It’s that simple. Although he executed it flawlessly.

Many others have already compiled a list of his articles and speeches, so I will just link to some of those. I highly recommend digging into them. They contain more than just investing knowledge. It is life knowledge.

One of the best places to read about, learn from and see Munger’s principles in action is the Farnam Street blog/newsletter. link

yahoo!finance put together a good list of "Mungerisms" link

RIP Charlie



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