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Fiscal Fitness

Make financial security part of your summer routine

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Getting in shape for summer is a common goal. We focus on our “beach bods” so we can look good in a bathing suit and feel comfortable sporting tank tops. Now, with the 4th of July holiday behind us, summer is in full swing. Barbeques, vacations, outdoor activities, and long days are the norm.

Those are all enjoyable activities and even contribute to improved mental health. However, relaxing summer vibes can make us forget about the fiscal discipline needed to support the fun. Fortunately, there are simple ways to stay in financial shape.

Just like any good process, small repetitive steps increase the chances of success. Creating good habits does not mean we have to stop having fun. Make a point of reviewing spending and saving habits, emergency funds, credit card debt, upcoming large purchases, and all other parts of financial life.

Kick back, enjoy summer and stay relaxed knowing your plans are in good shape. Click the link below to read more from our partners at eMoney.

2022-07-07 Tips to Shape Up Your Fiscal Fitness this Summer
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