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Better decisions lead to less future regret

A lack of information and an inability to control all variables makes decisions regarding the future stressful. Optimizing future outcomes involves making difficult choices now. Those choices may even run counter to our emotional and psychological desires.

Jackson Creek’s philosophy is rooted in behavioral psychology. We understand the mental processes clients go through regarding financial decisions and how investors can become their own worst enemy. The best way to reduce errors is to have a solid decision framework based on careful research and analysis.

Financial planning aims to minimize uncertainty. Decisions are based on data, probabilities, and experiences drawn from many observations. We combine research, analysis, and experience to inform our decisions regarding asset allocations, goal planning, cash flow modeling, tax optimization, portfolio construction, and all other important financial choices. Even though we cannot predict the future, we can probabilistically model a range of outcomes based on clients’ current and future choices.

Our partners at eMoney prepared a short video on making the right decisions.

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