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Jackson Creek U.S. Mid Cap Equity Composite Disclosure

Jackson Creek Investment Advisors LLC claims compliance with the Global investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and has prepared and presented this report in compliance with the GIPS standards. Jackson Creek Investment Advisors LLC has been independently verified for the periods from July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021. The verification report is available upon request. A firm that claims compliance with the GIPS standards must establish policies and procedures for complying with all the applicable requirements of the GIPS standards. Verification provides assurance on whether the firm's policies and procedures related to composite and pooled fund maintenance, as well as the calculation, presentation, and distribution of performance, have been designed in compliance with the GIPS standards and have been implemented on a firm-wide basis. Verification does not provide assurance on the accuracy of any specific performance report. GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein. Performance shown prior to 7/1/2020 include results achieved by a portfolio management team while it was a part of other firms.


  1. The firm, Jackson Creek Investment Advisors LLC, is an independent investment adviser registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

  2. The U.S. Mid Cap Equity Composite was created on July 1, 2020, and it incepted on December 31, 2007 at a predecessor firm. Performance results prior to Jackson Creek Investment Advisors LLC’s formation on 7/1/2020 represent accounts managed by the firm’s employees and members who made up substantially all the investment decision makers at prior firms. This composite includes all U.S. Mid Cap Equity accounts over $100 thousand that have been under management for at least one month. All accounts have target allocations to mid-cap securities of at least 90%. Beginning January 1, 2010 composite policy also requires the temporary removal of any portfolio incurring a significant cash flow larger than 50% of portfolio assets. Beginning January 1, 2013, composite policy requires the temporary removal of any portfolio incurring a significant cash flow larger than 10% of portfolio assets. Additional information regarding the treatment of significant cash flows and a list of composite descriptions is available upon request by contacting

  3. Beginning July 1, 2020, the composite includes commission free accounts.

  4. The benchmark for the composite is the Russell Midcap Index. The benchmark and composite returns include the reinvestment of income.

  5. All returns are expressed in U.S. dollars.

  6. Starting 2019, gross-of-fees performance returns are presented before management and custodial fees but after all trading expenses. Net-of-fees performance returns are calculated by deducting the actual management fees and
    trading costs, or a bundled fee, from the gross composite return. Bundled fee accounts make up a portion of the composite for some periods shown, as disclosed above.

  7. The maximum standard management fee is 1.00%. Actual fees may vary. Composite Internal dispersion is calculated using the asset-weighted standard deviation of all portfolios that were included in the composite for the entire year.

  8. Gross returns were used to calculate all risk measures presented in this GIPS® Composite Report.

  9. Supplemental Information – Prior to 2019, gross-of-fees performance returns are presented before management, custodial fees and trading expenses on bundled fee accounts.

  10. Performance figures are based upon historical information and do not guarantee future results. Investing involves, risk, including possible loss of principal. Actual results may differ from composite results depending upon multiple factors including the size of the account, investment objectives and restrictions, the amount of transaction and related costs, significant cash flows into or out of the account, and the inception date of the account. Policies for valuing investments, calculating performance, and preparing GIPS® reports are available upon request (

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