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Inflation Riff

Housing, autos, and semiconductor-based products are not the only big-ticket items succumbing to inflation.

Many people thought the pandemic could be an opportune time to learn a new skill - make sourdough from scratch; learn a new language; or finally learn to play guitar. Unfortunately, those wanting to add guitar to their stay-at-home CVs are probably going to experience sticker shock.

We recently saw this Wall Street Journal article highlighting how the combination of the pandemic and innovative marketplaces have resulted in guitar prices joining "meme" stocks and cryptocurrencies in reaching new highs.

As with any purchase, especially when it comes to things we are passionate about (read: emotional), being cost conscious can help protect from undermining saving and retirement goals. Adding to the struggle is the fact that market-timing is painfully difficult, whether it be stocks, guitars, or my Guns N' Roses tickets (which I am neither admitting nor denying paying too much for).

Enjoy the linked article.

Image 1: Guns N' Roses at Dicks Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO on 8/16/21

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